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Source Code
Milestone packages are left here for public viewing. [CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE]
  • lstream_server_linux.tar.gz - Server to manage viewers and renderers. Linux only.
  • lstream_gui_windows.zip - Windows viewer client
  • lstream_renderer_solaris.tar.gz - Rendering client for Solaris machines.

    Lightstream's client for Windows requires a few DLLs that some people might not have. I did not compile them into the executable due to the file size being inflated by debug information. My final release will have the DLLs compiled into it. As for now, here's the necessary files.
    Windows 2000, XP: place the files into your {WINDOWS_DIRECTORY}/SYSTEM32 directory.
    Windows 9X, ME: place the files into your {WINDOWS_DIRECTORY}/SYSTEM directory.

  • MFC71.dll
  • mfc71d.dll
  • msvcp71d.dll
  • msvcr71d.dll

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