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About Lightstream

Lightstream is name of the software implementation of my research project. It is a raytracer that distributes its workload across multiple computers using a wide range of platforms. There are three seperate programs written that consist of the Lighstream package. They are:

Rendering Client
The rendering client does the actual work. It gets the scene description from the server, then renders specific rows from the image, specified by the server. The client currently works on Solaris, NetBSD, FreeBSD, and Linux.

Lightstream Server 2.0
The server balances all the clients. It distributes the workload of each scene being rendered. Currently, the server has only been tested in Linux, but I think with a little tweaking of the Makefile, it would work in any other operating system.
  • Server UML Diagram

    Scene Generation Client
    Usually called the 'viewer' client, this piece of software gives a nice front-end design view to create the scene to render. After you create the scene, you connect to the server and get it distributed to the rendering clients. Currently only works in Windows 2K/XP due to the MFC code. I hope to port it to GTK or QT sometime, but that's a low priority.

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